Some notes on armed conflict

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Since armed conflict returned to the galaxy, battles and skirmishes are fought in real-time. The wars themselves unfold in Moller Time, due to the vast distances involved.

Mounted soldier, Interstellar Society
Krulak with melee weapons
Infantry, Cult of Gluttuk

Military science is surprisingly basic in the far future, with armies being barely more effective than those of WWI. In the bloodless centuries between the diaspora and the schism, the art of war was all but forgotten. Also, when hostilities resumed, a number of factors prevented a significant arms race or the development of WMDs. These include cultural conservatism, the lack of a serious existential threat, and the need to focus innovation on other problems (see Some implications of Moller Time).

Soldiers age significantly faster than their fellows because they are frequently deployed outside Moller Fields. Even during times of relative peace, patrols need to take place in real-time to be effective. In the Interstellar Society, it is common for soldiers to marry scientists who make frequent field trips into real-time, since this makes it possible for them to age at a similar rate.

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